Last week on the sale ( + snippet)

Exile has been on sale at Amazon and iBooks for this month. Well. At least at Amazon since there was an metadata bug or something at Publit, but it is finally discounted to 0.99 at iBooks too.

Anyway. There are one week left on the sale.  I hope you take the chance and buy a copy.  To tease you, I have an short, exclusive snippet from Exile.


“The moment I reached the manor that I had grown up in, a knot formed in my stomach. If I disliked the temple, I hated the manor. Even if the Priestesses reported any missteps to Mother, she was  too busy to keep a close eye on me.  In the Manor, Mother unleashed her frustrations over said missteps. I would not have to endure her temper for much longer, I told myself.
I opened the gates and stepped inside the garden. The garden was bare and dormant, but soon the leaves would begin to bud. My boots crunched against the graveled path as I walked past neatly kept flower beds toward the door. As I walked up the stair, the door opened. A lump formed in my stomach when I saw the seneschal’s disapproving look.
“Mistress Gwyneth, your Mother wants to speak with you.”
Oh crap. I had hoped to get a chance to change clothes before meeting Mother. I knew better than to keep her waiting, though. I nodded, and walked inside. Once inside, I turned left instead of going upstairs to my chamber.”

Excerpt From: Mikaela Lind. “Exile.” iBooks.