A snippet from the WIP

Since it is Easter, and since all my friends are doing it,  here is the first 200 words from the unnamed WIP. With a release date of that I am not announcing yet.  This is unedited, so it is filled with typos, but I hope you enjoy it!


I looked up when the doorbell chimed.  The greeting on the tip of my tongue died when I saw the man that stood there.  Cian. What in the name of the ancestors was he doing here?  I blushed when I remembered the hot fling we had had before the mess with Tony happened.

“ Cian? What are you doing here?”

“ I was about to ask you the same question. When I came to visit you the next day, you were gone.”

I winced.

“I had an argument with my brother and decided to leave town for awhile.”

It was the truth, yet it was simplifying things a lot.  I was a Portal Justicar,  albeit a relatively new one.  My brother was a high ranking member of the Rookery, the biggest criminal organisation in this realm, if not all the seven realms.  So it wasn’t surprising that when he found out that I worked for the Portal Justicars he was furious.  In fact, he had been so angry that my boss had decided that  it was best to hide somewhere far away.  And this village in the northwestern corner of Kanida was as far away as you could travel.  The fact that a group of dwarves had just relocated here was just a co-incidence.