Holiday sale!

I know that I said I wouldn’t do anymore sales, but I decided that I wanted to do one final sale, to celebrate that The Cauldron Bound is available in more places!  Since it is almost December, I am putting The Cauldron Bound on sale for the rest of the year.



Travel back to the war torn Dhurian bronze age, in this stand alone prequel set in the same universe as Daughter of the Dark.

When Aodh of the creek clan- war weary warrior, ex bronze crafter- is sent by his Chieftain to find the source of the Portal Clan’s endless warriors, he has no idea what he and his friends is getting into.

Moirin of the Valley- seer, witch- leaves the isolated Mountain valley she has called home for centuries when her goddess sends a vision warning her of a coming threat.

Together these unlikely allies will have to collaborate if they are to stop the Portal Clan and their tame sorcerer. Before the Portal Clan’s vicious trap  snaps into place, crushing the clans that is opposing them.

Buy your copy at BNIbooks AmazonKoboIbooks.  OR You can read it for free at Scribd.

The First month: The Cauldron Bound

So the Cauldron Bound have been out in almost exactly in one month. And the sales have been dismal. Part of it is because I screwed up when I signed up for Bargain Booksy without dropping the price.
But even when I dropped the price to 0.99, the sales were few. The fact that people bought Exile, with a blurb written by a pro told me that the reason for the low sales were probably the blurb.
So I tweaked it. Twice. But the sales didn’t rise. So today I gave the blurb another overhaul and tweaked the keywords too. Here’s hoping it works!

This is also one of the things I like with selfpublishing. If my books isn’t selling, I can try to figure out how to improve things. Sometimes it means tweaking the blurb and keywords. Sometimes it might mean getting a new cover designed. But for me each new release means I am building on the lessons I have learned with the previous book, instead of making the same mistakes again and again. 

I want summer

I am on vacation from in the dayjob this month. Except I am wondering if it is July. Normally a month that is rainy but not cold. This year? It is rainy and Cold. It is supposed to be between 11 and 15 C today. Yeah. Which is 10 C too cold. Which I guess I shouldn’t be surprised over since winter was 10 C too warm.

The only upside is that the weather means I have no guilt over staying inside to work on the revisions. And the revision is  going great. I am making nice progress. So far I have revised 1500-2000 words per day.  If everything goes as planned I will be done before my vacation is over.

The Orphan Girl, part 3:

Quietly, I picked up the tray and walked out from the room.  When I stepped out in the hallway, another nurse gave me look filled with compassion. “You got another patient that it will require a miracle to heal.”


“They are the worst patients, since you know that there are nothing you can do.”

I was relieved when she was called away before I had to answer.

I continued down the hallway, pondering what she had told me.  I knew that she was right. Most cases, the really sick patients would die. I hated when they died. If I let the girl die, while knowing that I could have saved her, I would never forgive myself.

My mind made up, I put the tray in the tray cart, before I walked toward the First Healer’s room. I knew that he was more likely to be there this time of the day, than later on.

I knocked on the closed door, waiting for permission to enter.

“Come in.”

I opened the door and stepped inside.  The room was small, or maybe the shelves overflowing with herbs, potions and scrolls made it feel like it was smaller than it really was.

The First Healer sat behind a desk, a frown on his face.  My stomach fluttered, as I stopped in front of him.

“Did something happen to the girl?”

“No, she is sleeping. I wanted to talk to you about the source of her disease.”

The First Healer raised an eyebrow. “Go on.”

I took a deep breath. “There are something called the Wasting disease that hits elemental mages when their mage gift stirs. My Grandmother said it happens when the gift is trying to connect with the leylines.”

First Healer cursed. “ There are no  leylines in Kanida.”

“ I know. I want to transport her to the temple in Chidu, and see if that helps.”

The First Healer shook his head. “She is too weak to survive a trip through a Portal.”

Disappointment filled me, but I pushed it away. “But what if I managed to  improve her health, so that she can travel?”

The First Healer sighed. “If you against all odds manage to do that, I will let you take her to Chidu.”

Relief replaced the disappointment. “Thank you.”

“No one wants to witness a child die,” the First Healer said softly.

Especially not when there might be a chance to save said child.  I merely nodded.

Pondering short stories

I am writing a short story from Jenny’s POV right now. It takes place at the end of her apprenticeship to Arwel. I don’t write many short stories, but I am writing this one,  because of one line in Daughter of the Dark. I also have a couple of other short stories about Jenny that I am planning to write during April and May.  Why all the short stories?

Because I expect to get feedback on The Alchemist’s Apprentice soon, and then there are the copy edits for The Cauldron Bound.

Writing three short stories in the same world, is also a preparation for the revision of Daughter of the Dark that I plan to begin once the Cauldron Bound is copy edited.

One other aspect is the fact that I can fit short stories in between my longer novellas.   There will not be  a case of write in April, release in May, though. I need a good long break before the revisions and my awesome beta readers need time to read the stories, and I need time to revise the stories based on their feedback. 🙂

But I can guarantee that it will not take a year for the short stories to come out.  Unless I sit on them for a reason.


A snippet from the WIP

Since it is Easter, and since all my friends are doing it,  here is the first 200 words from the unnamed WIP. With a release date of that I am not announcing yet.  This is unedited, so it is filled with typos, but I hope you enjoy it!


I looked up when the doorbell chimed.  The greeting on the tip of my tongue died when I saw the man that stood there.  Cian. What in the name of the ancestors was he doing here?  I blushed when I remembered the hot fling we had had before the mess with Tony happened.

“ Cian? What are you doing here?”

“ I was about to ask you the same question. When I came to visit you the next day, you were gone.”

I winced.

“I had an argument with my brother and decided to leave town for awhile.”

It was the truth, yet it was simplifying things a lot.  I was a Portal Justicar,  albeit a relatively new one.  My brother was a high ranking member of the Rookery, the biggest criminal organisation in this realm, if not all the seven realms.  So it wasn’t surprising that when he found out that I worked for the Portal Justicars he was furious.  In fact, he had been so angry that my boss had decided that  it was best to hide somewhere far away.  And this village in the northwestern corner of Kanida was as far away as you could travel.  The fact that a group of dwarves had just relocated here was just a co-incidence.

Exile is available for Kindle

After a long wait, Exile is finally available for Kindle. Yay! At the moment, the price is 2.99, but it should drop to 1.99 soon. If you have been waiting for Exile to be available, go and buy it. Tell your friends.  Tell…well, not your cats.

It is a good story that have become better after the recent tweaking. At least in my opinion, but I am biased. 🙂



Gwyneth has no desire to devote the rest of her life to being a Priestess of Gwynfar, no matter what plans her mother has made. But as her birthday approaches, marking the moment when she becomes an adult – and must choose – another option suddenly appears. She can escape her mother – and her destiny – by stepping through the portal into another world….

Only to find that destiny has a tendency to follow.