Holiday sale!

I know that I said I wouldn’t do anymore sales, but I decided that I wanted to do one final sale, to celebrate that The Cauldron Bound is available in more places!  Since it is almost December, I am putting The Cauldron Bound on sale for the rest of the year.



Travel back to the war torn Dhurian bronze age, in this stand alone prequel set in the same universe as Daughter of the Dark.

When Aodh of the creek clan- war weary warrior, ex bronze crafter- is sent by his Chieftain to find the source of the Portal Clan’s endless warriors, he has no idea what he and his friends is getting into.

Moirin of the Valley- seer, witch- leaves the isolated Mountain valley she has called home for centuries when her goddess sends a vision warning her of a coming threat.

Together these unlikely allies will have to collaborate if they are to stop the Portal Clan and their tame sorcerer. Before the Portal Clan’s vicious trap  snaps into place, crushing the clans that is opposing them.

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