Recent reads: Urban Fantasy Noir

As of a coincidence, I have read some really good Urban Fantasy Noir recently. And since they are short, and cheap, I thought I would recommend them to you.

The Hard boiled witch series by KA Laity:

I ought the first short story in this series yesterday. When I went to bed, I had bought all four of them, and devoured them.  This is delightfully gritty short stories, around 25 pages, filled with a down to earth witch, who uses down to earth magic. I enjoyed reading about Hecate Sidclaw and Henry. It was interesting to read about their adventures as they solved cases.

The Sylvan Investigations novellas by LA Gilman:

I have made no secret that I love LA Gilman’s books. This is a spin off from the P.U.P.I novels, and they are just as delightful. The first two, Promises to Keep and Miles to Go are available now, and the third novella is coming soon.  And the first two is discounted at BVC, which makes this the perfect time to read them.

The Spindle City series by Carlie St George:

When I read the blurb for the first story in this series, I flailed in the “OMG have to read it now” way. I went and pre-ordered it immediately. I am glad I did.  I loved it. It more than lived up to my expectations. And the next one is out tomorrow. I think. I hope. And the last one is out soon. If you cannot wait for the third one,  the publisher, the eminent Booksmugglers are serialising the last two books.

Anyway. Go forth and read, and buy.  You will thank me later.  Your family might not, since there is a chance that you ignore all the Thanksgiving cooking, and things like that.  But ignore them, they are just jealous.