The First month: The Cauldron Bound

So the Cauldron Bound have been out in almost exactly in one month. And the sales have been dismal. Part of it is because I screwed up when I signed up for Bargain Booksy without dropping the price.
But even when I dropped the price to 0.99, the sales were few. The fact that people bought Exile, with a blurb written by a pro told me that the reason for the low sales were probably the blurb.
So I tweaked it. Twice. But the sales didn’t rise. So today I gave the blurb another overhaul and tweaked the keywords too. Here’s hoping it works!

This is also one of the things I like with selfpublishing. If my books isn’t selling, I can try to figure out how to improve things. Sometimes it means tweaking the blurb and keywords. Sometimes it might mean getting a new cover designed. But for me each new release means I am building on the lessons I have learned with the previous book, instead of making the same mistakes again and again.