Writing Exercise: Keywords

I have been frustrated about my lack of sales, despite dropping the price
.So I have spent the morning tweaking my keywords.
Why? Because while cover and blurb makes a reader click on the buy button keywords tells them that your books exist.
Before I tweaked them they were something like this: military fantasy adventure, bronze age Celtic fantasy Elf.
After 20 minutes of free writing and some Amazon searches,the keywords have changed to war warrior witch quest undead curse sorcerer.
One the surface it might look more generic which is the point, but the combination makes it specific. Oh, and I haven’t listed all keywords.

Now I want *You* to take a pen and paper or open an empty document and write down 7-10 words that boils down what your book is about.
Don’t think too much about it, just write
it down.
Once you have written them it is up to you what to do with them. You can use them as a basis for an elevator pitch. If the story is selfpublished you can log in to KDP or Smashwords and enter them there. One note: If you want to get into subcategories, you have to add commas. Also while it says 7 keywords, one keyword can be made up of several words.