Sales ending soon

Tomorrow is July 31st, which means that the sales are ending ( for now. There are another sale/ promo push coming around my birthday). Please buy  a copy of The Cauldron Bound at either Kobo or Kindle, if you haven’t already. I have tweaked the blurb, too:

Worn down by centuries of war, all Aodh want is to return to his smithy, to live a life in peace. When his chieftain tasks Aodh and his friends with finding out why the Portal Clan isn’t showing any signs of weakening, they accept it, despite knowing it is a desperate mission.

As they travel through the territories, Aodh and his friends discover that the dark elf clans on the other side of the Forest are ensnared in a web of foul magic. As they search for the source of the foul magic, they are unaware how vicious the web is.



Their search leads them to Moirin, a hermit, living in the mountains.

Moirin is old and tired and doesn’t want to leave her valley,  yet she knows that she is the only one that has the knowledge to stop the foul magic.

But their plans changes when the enemies catch up with them. Instead of heading to the lowlands, they have to head deeper into the mountains, and hope that the reclusive clan living there will help them.

Little does they know, that the Mountain clan have their own plans for them, a plan that will let Aodh and his friends to discover exactly how vicious the Portal Clan’s web is.



If you haven’t downloaded a copy, The Alchemist’s Apprentice is free at Instafreebie, which also ends tomorrow.