Pondering short stories

I am writing a short story from Jenny’s POV right now. It takes place at the end of her apprenticeship to Arwel. I don’t write many short stories, but I am writing this one,  because of one line in Daughter of the Dark. I also have a couple of other short stories about Jenny that I am planning to write during April and May.  Why all the short stories?

Because I expect to get feedback on The Alchemist’s Apprentice soon, and then there are the copy edits for The Cauldron Bound.

Writing three short stories in the same world, is also a preparation for the revision of Daughter of the Dark that I plan to begin once the Cauldron Bound is copy edited.

One other aspect is the fact that I can fit short stories in between my longer novellas.   There will not be  a case of write in April, release in May, though. I need a good long break before the revisions and my awesome beta readers need time to read the stories, and I need time to revise the stories based on their feedback. 🙂

But I can guarantee that it will not take a year for the short stories to come out.  Unless I sit on them for a reason.