So far this week I have:


  • Edited Cauldron Bound
  • E-mailed copy editor
  • Revised the Alchemist’s apprentice
  • Designed cover for The Alchemist’s apprentice
  • Revised the blurb for The Cauldron Bound
  • Tweaked the Cover for the Alchemist’s apprentice
  • Drafted the newsletter
  • E-mailed with Publit
  • Done backend stuff at Publit and Amazon
  • Formatted an ARC for The Alchemist’s Apprentice
  • Created a page for The Sultanate of Sind series.

Oh. Did I mention I also finished a first draft on Sunday? Or was it Saturday?

No wonder I am tired.  To think the plan was to take the week off from writing. Instead I took the week off from the day job, because of health reasons. *looks at list* Well, I haven’t written much fiction… Though I added 700 words during the revisions.

The plan for tomorrow is to visit a museum or something, since they are turning off the water. * suddenly remembers why she planned to do the dishes* Oops.