So it is less than 2 weeks left to my vacation starts… and 5 weeks until my employment ends.   So far I have applied for 15+ jobs during the last 6 months. (look, Covid-19 happened and I ended up in a funk for 3 months.)  I have had… some nibbles. A phone interview, and an in person meeting.  I have also had a lot of silence.

The combination of Covid and unemployment is that I am floundering when it comes to writing.  Everything feels meh. Meh. Meh.   Which is annoying, but not surprising since the world is a dumpster fire.  So I am making plans,  since I can do that, despite feeling a lot of despair.

Workwise… I’ll keep on applying to jobs (Duh) and probably study some short courses (yay for free education!), before applying for a 2 year course in the same field that I am working in.    

Writingwise… I think I’ll poke at typing in Frosthold, since that is way overdue, and it is something I can do slowly.  Which seems to be my speed right now.

Financewise… I have a supportive dad, but I’ll have some lean months ahead, but I have survived that before.. (Or years.)

Lastly, I keep reminding myself that floundering is better than drowning.  I sending a lot of love and virtual life buoys to everyone. We will get through this. (We might be battered, but we will get through it.)