Free read: Snow in Ignisa

I originally wrote this last year, but decided to repost it since it felt fitting considering parts of the US is colder that Mars right now.

This is a little something that I began writing a couple of weeks ago.  I decided that since it had snowed in so many odd places, it might be fun to make it snow in Hell.  This is only the beginning, since the rest of the scene turned into spoiler territory and started to feel like the beginning of book 3. But I hope you enjoy it!


Razael lifted his head when he heard shocked shouts from outside.  Since there were no sounds of battle, not that anyone would dare to attack the household of a Fallen One, he yawned and closed his eyes. Unless the other attacker was another Fallen One. The thought had him wide awake. With a curse, Razael pushed away the blanket and walked over to the window.

He frowned.

Hell had an arid climate and Ignisa were in the warmer portions unlike Nifel who was in the colder portions. He could count of his claws how many times it had rained.

“ This looks like no rain I’ve seen,” he muttered.

“ Is it raining?” Kate mumbled  from the bed.

He shook his head.
“ No.  This is something else. You have to see it.”

He stared out the window. The odd rain was covering the ground in a thin white layer.  Not that whatever it  was would stay white for long.  Nothing in Hell remained untainted for long.

A couple of minutes later, Kate joined him at the window.  She glanced outside and squealed.

“ It is snowing!”

He blinked. Was this odd rain common enough on Earth to have a special word?

She beamed at him.

“ Maybe there will be enough snow for us to make snow angels!”

He winced.

She had mostly dropped her habit of mentioning Angels and He above, but sometimes she forgot.

A roar filled the air.

Razael stared at the big Dragon that was decending to the household. Shaitan who had probably been out on a morning flight, before he started the days.  How would he react to this… snow?

Razael had been responsible for Shaitan’s security for long enough that he knew that Fallen Ones could be fickle.  Either he will be curious or insulted.

When the Dragon rose higher, Razael frowned.   He relaxed when the Dragon started to dance through the air.  He is playing.

“ Come on. Let’s find some cloaks and go outside.”

He gave her a horrified look. Get outside into that?! He opened his mouth, but he closed it.  He knew that when she looked like that, she wouldn’t listen to him. He shrugged.  He had learned to pick his battles.  This wasn’t worth fighting over.

They walked out from the room, and hurried down the stairs.