Swedish History: An introduction

I have been talking about writing a series of blogposts about Swedish History for a long time, but I have been pondering how to structure it.  Swedish history is… complex, to put it mildly. ( I am avoiding the 1100’s. The reigns of the kings were short.)  But I have finally settled on a structure.   More or less.

First. I am not going to tell the complete Swedish History, but primarily focus on 1200-1500ish. At least at first.

Second, I am going to begin with the women.  And yes, this is a viable strategy, since we had a lot of strong women during the medieval times. There were also laws made during the 1200s to at least attempt protect women.

I think this will be a series of monthly, or maybe biweekly posts, depending on how busy I am with work and edits and writing.  I think every blogpost will be 300-500 words long.  I will also add a new category or tag called Swedish History so people can easily find the post.

Stay tuned for the first blogpost, coming later this weekend.