It is all about plateaus

So Exile has been out for 4 months now, roughly. I have no idea of how much it has sold in numbers since I am still waiting for the numbers to be loaded to Publit ( I am annoyed, but I am more annoyed at Kobo and Overdrive than Publit), but I have noticed a trend. Exile began at 3700s ( or at least that is the first ranking I saw it at) and climbed fast until it reached 3600.  Then it stayed there for a couple of months, roughly, until it shoot up to 3500.  Then it stayed there for 3-4 weeks.  Until it shoot up *again* a couple of days ago. Right now it is at 2900s.  I have no idea if it will stay there, or if it will drop back to 3700s again after the price goes back up again.  But these plateaus makes me happy.  Really happy, since it means people are buying it. And more than just my friends. I mean, otherwise it wouldn’t have been gradually climbing.   It also means that the cover is working since the blurb is good, but not that good.  The new blurb is much better. 🙂 This is also making me wonder if it is such a good idea to raise the price.  I guess I will find out soon!

Oh.  And the sales at Ibooks are still flat. Pff. But I am wondering if maybe the updates is simply lagging due to the holidays.