Friday bargains: Nice discounts and coupons

Friday bargains: Nice discounts and coupons

All romance offers a 30 % rebate on all Kensington titles. Which is nice, but Books on Boards have a better deal.  They offer 25 % off on eligible e-books released during 2012, and  40% on backlist.  On top off that they offer 8% rewards.

Kobo have some nice coupons.  Unfortunately, I have used most of them.  

Welcome20 (20% off)
Kobodollaroff ($1 off)
JUNE20OFF (20% off)
save20offer (20% off)
survey25 (25% off)
c1auto25 (25% off)
thankyou2012 (35% off)
c1auto30 (30% off)
c2auto25 (25% off)
c2auto30 (30% off)
c2auto35 (35% off)
c3auto35 (35% off)
c4auto35 (35% off)
c4auto40 (40% off)
c4auto45 (45% off)
anniversary20 (20% off)
1x2590us (25% off)
1x2530us (25% off)
2x25180us (25% off)

Regg40ca361 for 40% off.
Fre50us361 for 50% off.¨¨
(These two might be expired)

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