Happy Friday! Have a snippet

This week has been a bit frustrating, since I realised that it would be better if the next part of the scene was told by another character. The problem was that I am 2/3rds into the draft and he hasn’t bad any POV scenes before. Yeah. But I figured out a way that will strengthen the opening, and add some tension to it, so yay!

Anyway.  Here is a snippet.

Dread coiled around him. There was only one reason for someone to come this early. The thought galvanized him. He pushed aside the blanket and hurried toward the door. He pulled on his cloak, slipped the bag he had packed over his shoulder, grabbed his staff.
He took a deep breath, and opened the door. He stared at the wolf standing in the dawn light. For a moment, his brain blanked on the wolf’s name. They had been introduced last night.. .Steady Paws, he remembered.