Sunday snippet!

I am busy with life and moving and day job. So my attempt to blog more regularly, isn’t exactly working. Hopefully February will be better, since then I will have moved fully into my new apartment. Anyway! Have a tiny snippet. It is a bit rough, since I just finished writing the scene. But it is non-spoilery! 🙂 (And the book is over 42 000 words, which means I have added 12 000 words to the book. o-o. It is a good reminder that the second draft is a rewrite. Not from scratch, but it is extensive.)

Aldis stopped and stared at the ancient oak that dominated the meadow. She slowly turned and looked around, searching for the cluster of trees that should surround it. Tension coiled within her when she couldn’t see it.
Maybe that explains why the tree feels… dormant, she thought. If an Elder lost their grove, the shock would send them into their tree. Unless it killed it immediately. Aldis looked at the tree, wincing when she saw the door cut into it.