Not done yet (Arrgh.)

I am still working on The Bone Dragon’s Curse, which is now 14 000 (!) words longer than the first draft. I am working on the end, maybe even the final scene, and I’m still not sure I have the right story. It is almost there, but I feel that there are some things that need to click in my brain, if that makes sense. The only way to fix it is a distance from the book, and probably some hard poking at the worldbuilding. 

I like the characters, and the plot. I do like the story, but it is probably that I can’t see the story clearly right now.  And it is good that I like the characters, since there will be sequel, featuring the same characters.   And gryphons. Lots of gryphons.

Before I write the sequel, I’m going to revise this one again.  And then again, since my editor will probably hand me a shredded manuscript back.. .erm… I mean an editor letter telling me what needs to be fixed.  (I love you, Laura Anne. You are fabulous and experienced and awesome. I am glad I have you.)

First I have to finish, though. I had an ambitious plan to finish by tomorrow, which… will not happen. I *might* be done on Friday, but probably not. I should be done next week, though. Which will be a relief. 🙂

Then I celebrate by going to Gothenburg and seeing a show. *hopes everything goes smoothly since the train arrives 90 minutes before the show starts.*

Enough rambling. I am going to make dinner now.  Tasty Cajun salmon pasta. (I hope it is tasty. The recipe calls for chicken, but I want fish, so.)