I have been busy..

I realised a couple of days ago that I have been busy the last six months. So far this year I have:

Written Unnamed Portal Universe novella

Written Vanished

Written The Shattered Ward I and II.

Edited The Cauldron Bound x 3

Revised The Alchemist’s Apprentice x 2

Edited The Alchemist’s Apprentice x2

Begun writing the Orphan Girl.

This list doesn’t include stuff like synopsises and worldbuilding.

I know that other writes more, and faster, but this is proof that it ads up. All together, I have probably written 50 000 words of fiction already. Yes, I am both mindboggled and proud of what I have accomplished so far this year.

There are one big difference from last year’s list: Only one novella revised.   The number of short stories that I have written are higher, though.  I like writing short stories, since it is a chance to explore backstories.

The list is slightly out of order, so it doesn’t show that I have done my best to mix up writing, revising and editing.  That was one lesson I learned last year, when I did an revision marathon.

But my publishing schedule for 2016 is *set*. So anything longer than a short story will have to wait until 2017. O_O.