The Orphan Girl, part 5

We ate in silence, both of us tired after a long day. Once my bowl were empty, I put down the spoon and looked at Hiwot.

“Do you remember Grandma talking about The wasting?”

Hiwot frowned. “Vaguely. It has something to with the magic turning on the mage, right?”

“Yes. Normally it happens to high powered mages, but today a gnome girl come in. According to the Orphanage, she was fine last week, but she has gradually declined the last days. I think that she is suffering from the wasting.”

“Shouldn’t sending her to the High Temple fix that.”

“Yes. But she is in too bad shape. The First Healer have told me that if her health improves, I can transport her to the temple. I have no idea how to improve her help, though.”

Hiwot’s eyes narrowed. “The Temple might be able to help you.”

I shook my head. “I doubt that. Not after what happened to our father.”

“You will not know until you ask.”

I opened and closed my mouth. She was right. Not approaching the High Temple because of what had happened years ago.

“You are right,” I murmured.

Hiwot flashed me a smile. “I am always right, but it was nice of you to admit it.”

I rolled my eyes. Sometimes it was hard to believe that my sister in fact was a Priestess, a high ranking one.

I looked at Hiwot. “Do you have any suggestions of who I should approach.”

Hiwot frowned. “I would approach Akuchi Na Berhanu, she is high ranking enough to be able to claim the girl.”

“How high ranking?” I wanted to know.

“ When I lived in the temple, she was mentioned as the next High Priestess.”

I stared at her. “You want to me approach the High Priestess?!”

“She isn’t the high priestess. Yet. But she will be able to help you.”

I shook my head. “I hope you are ready to come to my rescue if the temple decides to punish me.”

Hiwot gave me an exasperated look. “They wouldn’t do something like that.”

I wasn’t so certain, but since I didn’t want to argue with my sister, I didn’t say anything.