I must be close to the end…

The last week have been… bad for my writing. An combination of health issues and social obligations have kept me away from the laptop. Then there is the fact that I am close to the end, and my brain have also been toying with what to work on next.  Bad, I know. I should finish the revision first.

I have 5000 words to go, and hopefully I will be done in the beginning of December. If life cooperates.

Once the revision is done? I am writing the first Xenia and Nike adventure. *glee* These are Fantasy adventures featuring Xenia, Nike and their wizard dad that likes to teleport to random places. Which both the Wizards Council and the Witches Council do not like.   The first is about Xenia and Nike figuring out how to mollify the Councils.  Set in the 1870’s. Or thereabouts.

The first will be a short story and a free read first on the blog, then on Kobo, iBooks etc.  The others… I have no idea. They should be rather short, though.