Rambles about Promotion

Since Robin D Owens asked when I would have a book out earlier this year, I sent her a copy of Exile a couple of months ago. She finally got around to read it. And she promoted Exile on her Facebook page.  Her followers saw it, some liked it on Facebook, some bought it, some added it to their wishlists.  I am happy, since that is all I can really ask for.

Her promotion got me thinking about word of mouth. It has a lot of power and often readers are more willing to give something that’s been recommended by someone they trust a try.

I’ll admit that I am bad about utilizing the contacts I have. I have been happy to let Exile just be there and see what happens.  I tweet about it, though I try to make it something more than “Buy my book!”  ( Like that it is available at Ibooks, the price has dropped etc.)

I did do an impromptu giveaway on Twitter, which was fun.  I am definitely planning on doing more giveaways in the future.  Both impromptu and more organized.

Next year, I will have to be more active, though.  I am already making my list of peole to send ARCs too, places to buy ads at.

The most important thing is to get my books on Amazon. I can live with Exile not being there, but I *really* want the novellas on Amazon.  It is just foolish to not be on the biggest retailer.  Actually. It isn’t foolish, it is career suicide.