I’m a slow reviser

I’m doing edits right now, and the last couple of days I have been thinking about speed.  I’m the first to admit that I’m a slow revisor. Some people blows through 10 pages per hour, while I’m overjoyed if I manage to edit 5 pages per day.

I know why it is going so slow, though. It is because I’m adding a lot of details, and strengthening weak spots in the plot.  But the story is much better for it.

Even if the edits feel never ending right now.  It feels as if I am stuck at 40 pages from the end.  The receding ending, Laura Anne called it in the war room yesterday. The good thing, I know it will pass.  Sadly, I also know from experience that  it will return 20 pages from the end.

Except for stomping at 40 pages from the end, the edits are going fine though!

Oh, and I designed a new header. I really like it. 🙂  The witch holding the broom was created by interactimages.