Cut Scene: Searching for the Vampires ( Part 3)

Time stretched-. My shoulders started to cramp, and I wished my abductors had untied me before they left. When I heard the sound of voices, I was sure they weren’t going to my cell. Because no kidnapper would take a guest to see a prisoner. They would if they plan to sell me. The thought hovered in my brain, taunting me. I shook it off.
“ This better be good,” Tony growled. Gwynfar be praised, I’ll get out of this hell hole. I knew Tony wouldn’t leave me.
“ Oh yes. It is, Master Cat. We caught a vamp lover”, a male voice murmured., his voice oozing with insincerity.
The footsteps stopped. Tony’s angry hiss filled the air.
“ Let her loose. Now.”
“ But..”
He is arguing with a werecat Mobster? I shook my head, amazed how stupid some people could be.
“ Release her.”
The sound of Flesh hitting metal echoed.
“ All right,” The man gurgled.
Metal clanged against metal. I sighed in relief when the ropes around my wrist and ankles were slashed. Pain laced through my leg when I tried to stand up. I gritted my teeth, refusing to spend another minute on the madras. It isn’t worse than the bite. Tony helped me up.
“ Are you alright?” Tony’s voice where laced with worry.
“ Yeah. Just sore.”
“ Let’s get you out of here,” Tony muttered.

I started to limp towards the exit, eager to get home.
“ Hey! What about our money!” the man called.
Tony stiffened. I almost taste the anger that rolled off him. Slowly, he turned around.
“ You kidnapped one of my friends, and you have the gall to ask for money?”
Tony asked softly.
“ Tony. They aren’t worth it,” I whispered. Pleaded. Hoping to avoid a bloodbath. Time stopped, before Tony reluctantly nodded.
“ You’re right, they aren’t worth spending energy on.”
I let out a relieved sigh when I heard that.
Tony took my hand, and escorted me outside. Impatient snorts filled the air. For a moment, I thought that the coach was pulled by a pair of Thyrian steeds. I dismissed the notion. No one would be as foolish to transport horses from Thyria.
Tony helped me into the carriage, and I sank down on the seat. Tony closed the door, and sat down on the opposite seat.The carriage lurched into motion. I closed my eyes, hoping Tony would think I was asleep.
“ What were you doing in the Docks?”
Nope. Didn’t work. I opened my eyes and looked at Tony.
“ I was looking for a vampire.”
Something flashed through his face when he heard that. “ Why ?”
“ Because I need one to get into Dhurig.”
Tony looked at me, and sighed.
“ There is no vampires here.”
My jaw dropped when I heard that.
“ No. No. That cannot be.” My whisper cut through the silence, panic clawing at my chest.
“All of them vanished a couple of months ago. Good riddance if you ask me.”
Defeated, I sagged against the seat.
No vampires meant that I would have to go to Ahira, and ask Erik for help. My pride protested at the thought, but I squashed the protest. Finding Rhiane was more important than bruised pride.
The combination of the comfortable seat and the rocking of the carriage made my eyelids drop.
The next thing I knew was that I was gently shaken awake. Bleary eyed, I stared at Tony’s face, hovering above me. For a moment I thought he would kiss me. I sighed from relief. Even if I liked Tony, I wasn’t attracted to him.

“ We have arrived.”
“ Goodbye, Jenny.” Fear flashed through his eyes.
“ Goodbye, Tony.” I gave him a sad smile and stepped out of the carriage.
No matter what happened, my life would be different when I returned.