Teaser from Daughter of the Dark

Time for another teaser from Daughter of the Dark. (Yes, I am going to post these until the book is out.)

“It doesn’t matter, what is done is done, and cannot be changed. We can just change what happens next.”

-From Daughter of the Dark, coming fall 2016.

The big summer project

I took the last week off from writing, since I felt that I needed it. But now I am back, and getting ready to dive into the big project for the summer:  Combining Daughter of the Dark and its sequel into one book.

I am the first to admit that it is a bit daunting, but I also know that it will make the book much better.  I have lots of detailed feedback from Chrysoula that also helps.

What really stops me from feeling too daunted is  that once the revision is done, I am sending the draft to an editor. ( The plan is Laura Anne, but nothing is confirmed yet.)  And what I miss in this draft will be caught in the next round.

I have no idea how long time the revisions will take, since I am doing them in between copy edits and editing The Alchemist’s Apprentice.  The goal is to finish them in  mid July.  We will see if I am successful. 🙂



Cut Scene: Searching for the Vampires ( Part 3)

Time stretched-. My shoulders started to cramp, and I wished my abductors had untied me before they left. When I heard the sound of voices, I was sure they weren’t going to my cell. Because no kidnapper would take a guest to see a prisoner. They would if they plan to sell me. The thought hovered in my brain, taunting me. I shook it off.
“ This better be good,” Tony growled. Gwynfar be praised, I’ll get out of this hell hole. I knew Tony wouldn’t leave me.
“ Oh yes. It is, Master Cat. We caught a vamp lover”, a male voice murmured., his voice oozing with insincerity.
The footsteps stopped. Tony’s angry hiss filled the air.
“ Let her loose. Now.”
“ But..”
He is arguing with a werecat Mobster? I shook my head, amazed how stupid some people could be.
“ Release her.”
The sound of Flesh hitting metal echoed.
“ All right,” The man gurgled.
Metal clanged against metal. I sighed in relief when the ropes around my wrist and ankles were slashed. Pain laced through my leg when I tried to stand up. I gritted my teeth, refusing to spend another minute on the madras. It isn’t worse than the bite. Tony helped me up.
“ Are you alright?” Tony’s voice where laced with worry.
“ Yeah. Just sore.”
“ Let’s get you out of here,” Tony muttered.

I started to limp towards the exit, eager to get home.
“ Hey! What about our money!” the man called.
Tony stiffened. I almost taste the anger that rolled off him. Slowly, he turned around.
“ You kidnapped one of my friends, and you have the gall to ask for money?”
Tony asked softly.
“ Tony. They aren’t worth it,” I whispered. Pleaded. Hoping to avoid a bloodbath. Time stopped, before Tony reluctantly nodded.
“ You’re right, they aren’t worth spending energy on.”
I let out a relieved sigh when I heard that.
Tony took my hand, and escorted me outside. Impatient snorts filled the air. For a moment, I thought that the coach was pulled by a pair of Thyrian steeds. I dismissed the notion. No one would be as foolish to transport horses from Thyria.
Tony helped me into the carriage, and I sank down on the seat. Tony closed the door, and sat down on the opposite seat.The carriage lurched into motion. I closed my eyes, hoping Tony would think I was asleep.
“ What were you doing in the Docks?”
Nope. Didn’t work. I opened my eyes and looked at Tony.
“ I was looking for a vampire.”
Something flashed through his face when he heard that. “ Why ?”
“ Because I need one to get into Dhurig.”
Tony looked at me, and sighed.
“ There is no vampires here.”
My jaw dropped when I heard that.
“ No. No. That cannot be.” My whisper cut through the silence, panic clawing at my chest.
“All of them vanished a couple of months ago. Good riddance if you ask me.”
Defeated, I sagged against the seat.
No vampires meant that I would have to go to Ahira, and ask Erik for help. My pride protested at the thought, but I squashed the protest. Finding Rhiane was more important than bruised pride.
The combination of the comfortable seat and the rocking of the carriage made my eyelids drop.
The next thing I knew was that I was gently shaken awake. Bleary eyed, I stared at Tony’s face, hovering above me. For a moment I thought he would kiss me. I sighed from relief. Even if I liked Tony, I wasn’t attracted to him.

“ We have arrived.”
“ Goodbye, Jenny.” Fear flashed through his eyes.
“ Goodbye, Tony.” I gave him a sad smile and stepped out of the carriage.
No matter what happened, my life would be different when I returned.

Cut Scene: Searching for the Vampires (Part 2)

The rats scuttled deeper into the shadows as I walked by. Around me, the alley were dark. Almost as dark as my mood. I had scoured the docks for days, in search for a vampire. Finally one patron had told me to go to the Broken Rose, at the end of Varne Alley. Varne Alley is long, one of the longer alleys. In a slightly more respectable part of the town, it would have been called Varne Street,and been paved.
The sound of something hitting the ground, followed by a muffled curse, made me increase my pace. I could see the lit windows at the end of the street, beckoning me. A couple of minutes later, I closed the door behind me.
Silence fell when the patron spotted me. I ignored the murmours that rose, and threaded my way towards the bardisk. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was drow or if I was woman.
“ What do you want?” the barkeeper grunted.
“ Ale, and information.” I slid a silver mark over the disk. A grubby hand darted out and pocketed it.
I watched as he poured ale into a tankard.
“ What information?” he grunted.
I hesitated. Vampires were a touchy subject, and this crowd were rough. Still, I had been told to come to this pub.
“ I am looking for a vampire.”
The barkeeper muttered something about crazy women.
“ Ain’t any bloodsuckers here.”
My heart sank. I nodded, and took the ale.
Everyone shrank away, when I passed them. I could almost hear the silent prayers: Don’t let her sit here. For a moment, I was tempted to leave the ale. No dammit. I paid for it. I have as much reason to be here as they do.
I stomped over to a free seat, and sank down. The workers around the table, muttered and shrank away.
I ignored them and sipped the ale. My lips puckered when I felt how sour it was. I should have poured it out, I thought with regret.
So. Who can know where I can find a vampire? The barkeep’s comment had made me realize it was pointless scouring the Docks. I took another sip. I could have sworn that my throat screamed in protest. I glared at the tankard. This is worse than that homebrewed crap the Dwarves drink.
Slowly, I ran through the options I had.
.When he showed up at my apartment yesterday, The Director had informed me if I didn’t find a vampire soon, he would send out agents. I refused to admit defeat and ask him for help.
If someone knews were the Vampires are, it is the Mafia. The relationship between the Mafia and the Vampires were tense, and I had no doubt that Mafia kept tabs on the Vampires
. I glanced at the half-empty tankard. Bile welled up in my throat when I contemplated drinking more ale. I murmured an excuse, and hurried outside.
I gulped in the air. The air was filled with decay and the acrid scent of dirt. I shuddered. Gwynfar be blessed that I didn’t live in squalor like this anymore.
I hurried down the alley, eager to get out of the docks. So eager, that I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings. Suddenly, I was falling. Tripwire, a part of me noted. Rough hands tied me up.
“ So. You are a vamplover, eh?”
Dazed, I stared at the scarred face, stale breath washed over me.
“ Well. I plan to earn a lot of money on you.”
My stomach tightened. Oh shit. Both The Director and Tony would search for me, but I had a sinking feeling that they would be too late.

Strong hands grabbed me, and tossed me over the shoulder, as if I was a sack of potatoes. A waft of unwashed bodies and garbage reached my nose. I choked down the nausea welling up in my throat.
My breath was knocked out from me when the men started to jog down the alley. The ground turned into a brown blur. Which was a good thing, since I didn’t want to see exactly what was on the ground. It felt like an eternity had passed when they slowed down. I almost sobbed in relief when I saw that the alley had turned into a paved road. Thank Gwynfar. They are taking me outside the Docks. I knew that the Docks inhabitants would have been too scared to help me.  Outside the docks meant that I had a chance at escaping.
The paved road turned into wooden planks, worn and grey from age. Water dripped nearby. Something screeched in protest. Metal clanged against stone. I was dumped on a madras. The acrid scent of mold wafted to my nose. Fear curled in my stomach, when they left me.
I twisted my head trying to get an overview of the cell. A bucket in the corner, light coming in from a window. Neither helped me, since I was still tied up.

Cut Scene: Searching for the Vampires ( Part 1)

This is part of the 1800 words I had to cut yesterday. It is non-spoilery, though,  so I have decided to post it here in chunks. I *might* rewrite it into a short story about how Jenny and Tony met some time in the future.


Tension coiled inside of me when I stepped out. I expected to step into a hallway filled with angry agents, demanding my arrest. To my surprise the hallway was empty. My hand crept down to the dagger in my belt. If I was ambushed, I wouldn’t go down without a fight. I walked down the hallway, to the stairs. No one jumped out of the cupboard, and I moved my hand from the hilt. For every step down the stairs, I relaxed. When I reached Foyer, I swallowed a relieved sigh.
I hurried across the Foyer, and stepped outside. That went well. The thought echoed in my mind, as I walked down the graveled lane. So, where do I find a vampire?

Vampires were rare in both Kanida and Thyria. After the Vampire Hunts, most of them had become reluctant to stray from the safety at Ahira.
Start in the Docks, I decided. The name were a misnomer, since Athos wasn’t a river town anymore. But the Docks were home to all kinds of shady creatures, and someone should know know where I could find a vampire. I glanced at the pouch, wishing the Director had told me more. He probably had good reason for being so closemouthed. At least he told you what you were running.
It isn’t the first gig you have taken based on very scant information.
I shook my head. But first I had to put the pouch somewhere safe. Even if it was heavy enough to be used as a weapon, I knew that someone would see the velvet, and steal it.
I shuddered when I imagined the Director’s reaction when I told him that someone in the docks stole it. I pushed the thought away and hurried home.

Cover reveal: Daughter of the Dark

In June I squeed about the pretty cover in my inbox. It is finalized now, and paid for. Which means  I can show it to the world! Look what the talented Skyla Dawn Cameron designed for me!




Is it the cover that I thought I would end up with? No. In fact, the first time I saw the sketch: I stared at it and went ” But, but..”, because it didn’t fit my mental image. But it grew on me. Fast. The cover fits the story. It tells what the book is about: The moon tells importance of the moon to the Dhurians, the town tells that it isn’t epic fantasy but more of urban fantasy, the model tells it is someone that has been honed by what she has experienced, and the model’s clothes tells that it is a medievalesque setting.

And I  love the colors in the cover. 🙂

Oh, and it got the stamp of approval from the War Room. I got a case of self doubts, but they reassured me it is was a gorgeous cover that would do its job. One person might have said it was nice to be kind to me, but not all of them. The war room is blunt and packed with experience from the publishing business. 🙂 The only caution I got was to make sure that the back cover copy made it clear that the main character is elf ( well, Dhurian, but it is my equivalent of Dark elves).



Last night  the edits for Daughter of Dark landed in my inbox. I read the edit letter, but decided to wait with reading the draft.  Honestly, the edit letter made me so happy that I have been smiling all day. It also worked as a motivation boast for finishing The Wild Hunt.  I have been struggling with them lately.  Now I have a reason to finish them ( well, beyond the fact that Thirzah would have shown up at my door, demanding more, if I didn’t finish them. ). At the moment,   I cannot wait to begin editing Daughter of the Dark.   The edits will help me turn the draft from good to great. You will love it when it is out.

I have been thinking of which books Daughter of the Dark are similar to, and conclusion I have come to is the Sianim novels by Patricia Briggs and the Raine Benares series by Lisa Shearin. In other words,  Fantasy with a good dose of Urban Fantasy elements and a varying degree of Romance. :).


I have also seen the first draft of the cover.  And it is so pretty.  That said, I’m not showing it until the cover is final. Sorry.  There is potiental for too much hassle otherwise.

But I’m really happy I hired Storywonk for the edits, and Skyla Dawn Cameron for the cover art.

Oh, and my webhost also has a mailing list option. I plan to poke around with it, since I just discovered it. I think the first step is to add an e-mail subscription button, though.

Edit: No, the first step is to create an e-mail address.

( I discovered this when I for a couple of minutes thought I had broken my webpage.)

I’m waiting

Right now my life can be summed up with one word: Waiting.

I’m waiting for the editor at Carina Press who requested it last week to say yes or no on Daughter of the Dark.  ( I’m still squeeing over that. No matter how it goes, I’m extremely proud over the fact that one of the editors read my pitch during Carinapitch and liked it enough to request it.)

I’m waiting for Thirzah and Sharpie to get back with feedback on The Queen of Sind.  ( Might be next week, might be the week after that, since they have barely started reading yet.).  I’m also, sorta, waiting for Kari to get back to me on Daughter of the Dark. Since she is reading it, but I never said anything about beta reading. ( I haven’t even published my first book yet and I already have one person making grabby hands. LOL!) .

While I’m waiting, I’m rewriting A Shadow of Love, the sequel to Daughter of the Dark. I woke up cold sweating dreaming  that the editor contacts me and say ” Can you send me the sequel by tomorrow?”. And I’m like 40 pages from the end. Actually. I think I’m 25 pages from the end. I had hoped to be done by now, but plans change.


Teaser: Daughter of the Dark

This teaser is much further into the book, but it is being cut, since the vampire is far away, and she doesn’t have that good nose :).

I took a deep breath, and froze. Hidden beneath the smell of freshly baked bread, were the metallic scent of vampire.“ By the Moon. Why are vampire males so stubborn?” I hissed under my breath. I had no doubt that the vampire was Rocha, had decided to follow me. Despite being told that I didn’t need his company. I knew several ways to lose him in the crowd. If I wanted to.

Teaser: Daughter of the Dark

I am busy editing Daughter of the Dark, but here is a tiny teaser from the Second Chapter. Even if it isn’t perfect, the draft will be much better when I’m finished.  Which should be, since the last time I revised it was 2009, I have improved a lot as a writer since then.

And then, I’ll start looking for an editor in earnest. I’ll probably post the revised first chapter in January. Or maybe on Christmas eve. 🙂

The hounds  howled in pain and rage. The closest hound ran towards me.
Oh crap. I dropped the crossbow, and unsheated my dagger. I dodged the attack, and slashed with my dagger. I felt a fierce satisfaction, when a thin blood read line appeared on the fur.   The Hound growled, and leapt at me. The next moment 150 pounds muscle knocked me to the ground.

The dagger slid from my grip, landing out of sight. I gasped for air, and looked up in to the face of Death. I wriggled, but the Dhu Annwi growled.