Cover reveal: Daughter of the Dark

In June I squeed about the pretty cover in my inbox. It is finalized now, and paid for. Which means  I can show it to the world! Look what the talented Skyla Dawn Cameron designed for me!




Is it the cover that I thought I would end up with? No. In fact, the first time I saw the sketch: I stared at it and went ” But, but..”, because it didn’t fit my mental image. But it grew on me. Fast. The cover fits the story. It tells what the book is about: The moon tells importance of the moon to the Dhurians, the town tells that it isn’t epic fantasy but more of urban fantasy, the model tells it is someone that has been honed by what she has experienced, and the model’s clothes tells that it is a medievalesque setting.

And I  love the colors in the cover. 🙂

Oh, and it got the stamp of approval from the War Room. I got a case of self doubts, but they reassured me it is was a gorgeous cover that would do its job. One person might have said it was nice to be kind to me, but not all of them. The war room is blunt and packed with experience from the publishing business. 🙂 The only caution I got was to make sure that the back cover copy made it clear that the main character is elf ( well, Dhurian, but it is my equivalent of Dark elves).