E-reader woes

Last night while I was reading, my faithful Cybook Odessey froze. I cursed, pressed the power button to restart it. When nothing happened,  I cursed some more before letting it charge over night.

This morning, I tried to restart it and nothing happened. So I tried to do a hard reset.  Did it work? Uhm. Not really. Now it is caught on the start up screen.

And when I connected it to mum’s laptop with a vague intent to reformat the internal memory, the computer didn’t recognize it.  sigh.

So I guess I’ll have to get a new e-reader.  The drawback is that  I am not sure if I  want to get another rebranded Cybook Odessey. Why? Because the Swedish bookstore that sells them insists on making their own modified firmware.   Which is really annoying when add in the fact that Bookeen, the French company that makes the Cybooks, offered one of their rare firmware updates.  Grr.

Except it is on sale right now. Hm…

The other option is Kobo. The problem is that  Kobo isn’t available for me in Sweden. Which would mean I’d have to wait until Dublin before I get a new one.  (Yes, I could get a Kindle, but I buy far more books from Kobo, plus Kobo offers me coupons.)

Oh well. I’ll read on my tablet while making up my mind.