I’m waiting

Right now my life can be summed up with one word: Waiting.

I’m waiting for the editor at Carina Press who requested it last week to say yes or no on Daughter of the Dark.  ( I’m still squeeing over that. No matter how it goes, I’m extremely proud over the fact that one of the editors read my pitch during Carinapitch and liked it enough to request it.)

I’m waiting for Thirzah and Sharpie to get back with feedback on The Queen of Sind.  ( Might be next week, might be the week after that, since they have barely started reading yet.).  I’m also, sorta, waiting for Kari to get back to me on Daughter of the Dark. Since she is reading it, but I never said anything about beta reading. ( I haven’t even published my first book yet and I already have one person making grabby hands. LOL!) .

While I’m waiting, I’m rewriting A Shadow of Love, the sequel to Daughter of the Dark. I woke up cold sweating dreaming  that the editor contacts me and say ” Can you send me the sequel by tomorrow?”. And I’m like 40 pages from the end. Actually. I think I’m 25 pages from the end. I had hoped to be done by now, but plans change.