Cut Scene: Searching for the Vampires ( Part 1)

This is part of the 1800 words I had to cut yesterday. It is non-spoilery, though,  so I have decided to post it here in chunks. I *might* rewrite it into a short story about how Jenny and Tony met some time in the future.


Tension coiled inside of me when I stepped out. I expected to step into a hallway filled with angry agents, demanding my arrest. To my surprise the hallway was empty. My hand crept down to the dagger in my belt. If I was ambushed, I wouldn’t go down without a fight. I walked down the hallway, to the stairs. No one jumped out of the cupboard, and I moved my hand from the hilt. For every step down the stairs, I relaxed. When I reached Foyer, I swallowed a relieved sigh.
I hurried across the Foyer, and stepped outside. That went well. The thought echoed in my mind, as I walked down the graveled lane. So, where do I find a vampire?

Vampires were rare in both Kanida and Thyria. After the Vampire Hunts, most of them had become reluctant to stray from the safety at Ahira.
Start in the Docks, I decided. The name were a misnomer, since Athos wasn’t a river town anymore. But the Docks were home to all kinds of shady creatures, and someone should know know where I could find a vampire. I glanced at the pouch, wishing the Director had told me more. He probably had good reason for being so closemouthed. At least he told you what you were running.
It isn’t the first gig you have taken based on very scant information.
I shook my head. But first I had to put the pouch somewhere safe. Even if it was heavy enough to be used as a weapon, I knew that someone would see the velvet, and steal it.
I shuddered when I imagined the Director’s reaction when I told him that someone in the docks stole it. I pushed the thought away and hurried home.