Cut Scene: Searching for the Vampires (Part 2)

The rats scuttled deeper into the shadows as I walked by. Around me, the alley were dark. Almost as dark as my mood. I had scoured the docks for days, in search for a vampire. Finally one patron had told me to go to the Broken Rose, at the end of Varne Alley. Varne Alley is long, one of the longer alleys. In a slightly more respectable part of the town, it would have been called Varne Street,and been paved.
The sound of something hitting the ground, followed by a muffled curse, made me increase my pace. I could see the lit windows at the end of the street, beckoning me. A couple of minutes later, I closed the door behind me.
Silence fell when the patron spotted me. I ignored the murmours that rose, and threaded my way towards the bardisk. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was drow or if I was woman.
“ What do you want?” the barkeeper grunted.
“ Ale, and information.” I slid a silver mark over the disk. A grubby hand darted out and pocketed it.
I watched as he poured ale into a tankard.
“ What information?” he grunted.
I hesitated. Vampires were a touchy subject, and this crowd were rough. Still, I had been told to come to this pub.
“ I am looking for a vampire.”
The barkeeper muttered something about crazy women.
“ Ain’t any bloodsuckers here.”
My heart sank. I nodded, and took the ale.
Everyone shrank away, when I passed them. I could almost hear the silent prayers: Don’t let her sit here. For a moment, I was tempted to leave the ale. No dammit. I paid for it. I have as much reason to be here as they do.
I stomped over to a free seat, and sank down. The workers around the table, muttered and shrank away.
I ignored them and sipped the ale. My lips puckered when I felt how sour it was. I should have poured it out, I thought with regret.
So. Who can know where I can find a vampire? The barkeep’s comment had made me realize it was pointless scouring the Docks. I took another sip. I could have sworn that my throat screamed in protest. I glared at the tankard. This is worse than that homebrewed crap the Dwarves drink.
Slowly, I ran through the options I had.
.When he showed up at my apartment yesterday, The Director had informed me if I didn’t find a vampire soon, he would send out agents. I refused to admit defeat and ask him for help.
If someone knews were the Vampires are, it is the Mafia. The relationship between the Mafia and the Vampires were tense, and I had no doubt that Mafia kept tabs on the Vampires
. I glanced at the half-empty tankard. Bile welled up in my throat when I contemplated drinking more ale. I murmured an excuse, and hurried outside.
I gulped in the air. The air was filled with decay and the acrid scent of dirt. I shuddered. Gwynfar be blessed that I didn’t live in squalor like this anymore.
I hurried down the alley, eager to get out of the docks. So eager, that I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings. Suddenly, I was falling. Tripwire, a part of me noted. Rough hands tied me up.
“ So. You are a vamplover, eh?”
Dazed, I stared at the scarred face, stale breath washed over me.
“ Well. I plan to earn a lot of money on you.”
My stomach tightened. Oh shit. Both The Director and Tony would search for me, but I had a sinking feeling that they would be too late.

Strong hands grabbed me, and tossed me over the shoulder, as if I was a sack of potatoes. A waft of unwashed bodies and garbage reached my nose. I choked down the nausea welling up in my throat.
My breath was knocked out from me when the men started to jog down the alley. The ground turned into a brown blur. Which was a good thing, since I didn’t want to see exactly what was on the ground. It felt like an eternity had passed when they slowed down. I almost sobbed in relief when I saw that the alley had turned into a paved road. Thank Gwynfar. They are taking me outside the Docks. I knew that the Docks inhabitants would have been too scared to help me.  Outside the docks meant that I had a chance at escaping.
The paved road turned into wooden planks, worn and grey from age. Water dripped nearby. Something screeched in protest. Metal clanged against stone. I was dumped on a madras. The acrid scent of mold wafted to my nose. Fear curled in my stomach, when they left me.
I twisted my head trying to get an overview of the cell. A bucket in the corner, light coming in from a window. Neither helped me, since I was still tied up.