What I’m reading: The California Malcom edition

I read Risk of Love and Magic recently, and had a blast. I loved the romance between Nadine and Magnus.  They were both a bit wary to the other, and it was sweet how the wariness first turned into  affection, albeit an baffled one, and then love.

Their search for Nadine’s sister, and later the General was fast paced, and filled with unexpected twists.

Yupp. I had a blast reading about Nadine and Magnus.  So much that I went back to read The Lure of Song and Magic the first book in the series, since it had been more than 6 months since I re-read it.

The romance between Dylan and Pippa was well written,  and I enjoyed it.  It was fascinating to see how Dylan stubbornly coaxed Pippa out of the coccoon she had created around her.  I loved how they slowly realised that finding Donal wasn’t the end of the journey, but rather the beginning.

It was sweet to see how they gradually fell in love. I liked how they were determinded to search for Nadine’s sister and stop the general.

And no, I didn’t re-read Trouble with Air and Magic since I read it in May.

As for what I am reading now…  Wolf Interval by Chrysoula Tzavelas.  It is really, really good.  It is out in November, but I leaped on a chance to read an ARC. *pets the ARC*. Review coming later.