Juggling all the balls

So. Before Octocon I got my ducks in a row. Vanished off to betareader, copy editor contacted ( though I need to e-mail her back), which did wonders to my stress levels. Seriously. I am much calmer now. Or maybe it is “I saw my friends”- happiness. I don’t know.

I doubt it will last much longer, since I am reading through Vanished and editing Frosthold right now.  Why, yes, it is going great. *nods*  I have a bit of different strategies. With Vanished, I just makes notes.  With Frosthold, I make notes, revise scene, and then goes on to the next scene. This is an experiment, and I have no idea how successful it will be. I hope it works out, since it would make my publishing process much smoother.

The motivation for this is that I spent a lot of time editing Daughter of the Dark. And… I did it in a really time consuming way.  I am simply trying to learn from that.