Keep it simple

Writing a synopsis is a part of my revision synopsis, since it allows me to figure out plot holes.   But, I have  struggled  with the synopsis for Trollkungens dotter.  And then yesterday, I had one of those lightbulb moments. While the partial draft are riddled with problems, it start in the right place. Which means, my main character should arrive after  the kidnapping has happenedIn the current version, she arrives before it happens.  It was a relief to have this insight, since normally I am very accurate when it comes to the starting point of the story.  In fact, I have only been wrong once and that was with Sherezade. Which, in the original outline started at the kidnapping, but I realised that was the wrong spot before starting the draft.  Which, hm, was another story were I winged it a lot.

I do think that in the end, it will be worth it, since it should mean I’ll have the end outlined. Woot! ( Which would be even better if I could find the notebook were they fight the dragons….)

Unfortunately, the lightbulb moment means I’ll probably have to toss out the 4 000 words I have on the draft so far. But, to paraphrase  Faith Hunter ( I think): It is the hard books that make us grow as writers.

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