New Shiny Idea!

For a number of reasons, I had to go to our summer cottage this weekend.  While waiting for mum to pick me up at the closest train station, I noticed that the bookstore had a back to school deal: Buy 5 things on the table for 12 dollar.  I promptly bought two A5 notebooks, one smaller notebook, and two pens.   So mum picked me up, and later that evening I settled down to read Angel’s Flight by Nalini Singh. While reading, one word popped up: Rhoswyr.

And suddenly an idea I had had about magic being more of an evolutionary factor jelled enough for me to sit down and write notes.

Which I did on Friday.  By the end of Saturday, I had 40 pages of notes, and 15 pages long synopsis finished in my new A5 notebook, but still. I am bit stunned, to be honest.  But I look forward to write Marius and Kjersti’s story.

I am also tempted to write it long hand, since I have a lot of empty pages in the notebook.   I also find writing longhand freeing, in a way.

But not today. Today I’m doing nothing writing related.