New Shiny!

Yesterday, I sent the edited manuscript to Laura Anne ( and paid her.)  I took the rest of the day off.  Today I began working on the new shiny tentiatively titled A Shadow of Frost and Ice.  AKA The plot bunny Ruth Francis Long gave me. It features Loki. Well. The original plot bunny did. I am not certain how much Loki will be a part of the novels.  So right now, I am writing notes covering everything from why, to magic, to how elves rule Stockholm. ( Yes. My brain thinks Stockholm is fine as a setting as long as I wreck it.)

The other thing I did today was to drag Dad to a local store and buy a Macbook Air.  It feels a bit weird to use a Mac after using a PC for 12 years ( more, actually, since the computers in school was PCs.)  But so far I love it.  It will take some time to get used to the touchpad, though. LOL.