Pricing adjustments

I am almost ready to publish Exile on Amazon,  which is a good thing since Amazon is a big market.   I am not going to hit publish today, though, for two reasons.

A) I need to enter my Swedish tax number, since otherwise they are going to take a chunk of the money for US taxes.

B)Amazon is  insisting that Exile should be 2.99.  Which means that I have to raise the list price through Publit and then wait until it has trickled through. ( Or I guess I can see if I can lower the price after publication on Amazon.)

So this an alert that Exile is coming to Kindle really soon, and that the prices in other places are going up.  Which I am sorry about, but I really don’t want Amazon’s price matching robots to  spot it and pricematch.  Since I have read that those kind of pricematches are really hard to undo.