On life and writing

It is almost October.  September was hectic, with trips and work, and a pulled muscle in the back.  The end result… I am still not done.

The writing time I did have, I spent wrangling with one scene, that needed to be revised. There was back tracking and some false starts, but I ffinally figured out what was wrong and how to fix it.  Once I figured out what was wrong, I promptly wrote 1300 words during the weekend, and another 500 today.  Which is more than I have written in a long time.  Granted, the result of the previous scene  is that the ending will need to be extensively rewritten.  But the book will be much better.

Anyway, I should be done with the book before Octocon, which is in 10 days. How? By lugging the laptop with me everywhere. It was something I was bad at in September.  But my self imposed deadline is close now, as is the editor deadline.

Once I am done, I am probably going to write The Silver Hand, why? Since Frosthold needs be typed in, which means I would be revising another story. And after spending months revising, I want to just write. Plus, having two books written in another series is a good thing. 🙂

October is also going to be busy.  I am going to 2 different shows with my family, then there is Octocon (yay!), and I am pondering a trip to Gripsholm before it gets too cold.  Which reminds me, I need to find gloves and a knitted cap, since it is going to be 4 C tomorrow morning ( and 15 C  during the day).

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