Pondering my publishing schedule

A couple of weeks ago, I realised that Erwan’s book should be released before the written but unedited book that I thought would be published after Daughter of the Dark. Which basically wrecked my publishing schedule.  I can fix it, if I revise The Wild Hunt or type in Frosthold. Which I probably will. 
Now to decide which book. Hmm.
Originally I thought it would be Frosthold. Except that doesn’t make sense since the Wild Hunt has already been betaread twice. ( Though I still need to revise it based on Thirzah’s feedback.) Which means it is significantly closer to being published than Frosthold. So I guess I will do one more pass and send it to Laura Anne. Uh. Maybe I should discuss this with her first… Well. It wouldn’t be until Fall anyway.  Cause I cannot clone myself. 🙂