Productive saturday

Productive saturday

I am still not done with the second draft on The Shifter’s Justice, which is a bit frustrating. I am in the last chapter, though, so yay for that.

My friend RJ has posted on a Facebook about her experiment with doing 15 minutes sprints, she has found that successful and effective. Not to mention it lowers her stress.

So today I decided to try that as well, though I just worked on one book. And… it worked really well in the morning. When I broke for lunch, I had 500 words.

So in the afternoon, I decided to toss something new into the mix, again. Namely, treat each sprint as a session, and lower the session goal a bit.

That… worked even better. I wrote 700 words in 45 minutes. There was a lot of “Uhh,” in the war room. Normally I write 200 words is 30 minutes, so this was a bit unexpected, but very nice.

The end result: I am really excited, though, since this means I will be able to write more, even when I don’t have time to sit down and write for 30 minutes. (My brain thinks I should write 15 minutes in the mornings, I am not convinced…) It also means that I should be able to work on more project. If I want to.

Anyway. I am off. We are celebrating dad’s birthday with dinner at 6 pm and I need to decide what to wear.

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