Rambling about pricing

Exile has had  really lousy sales on Ibooks. I have sold a whopping 3 copies.  Yeah. So in an attempt to boost the sales I have decided to make Exile free over the holidays on Ibooks to boost the sales. I mean, I cannot sell fewer books.  I think I will ask someone in the war room to crit my blurb.  It works, but I looked at it and realised that it can be improved.

Since I don’t like exclusivity, I also made Exile free on Kobo, to see if it can climb higher. ( I have no idea how much I have sold on Kobo but I am pretty certain it is more than 3 copies.)

It isn’t free on Overdrive, though. It is simply too many stores. When I uploaded Exile, it took 2+ weeks for it appear in stores.

This will probably be the last time Exile is free for the foreseeable future. In fact, I might have to raise prices next year. It depends on which pricing method I choose.  Right now I earn roughly 50 cent of the 0.99ish pricing… Actually. I think it is less than that now.  But in January I will be able to  choose which kind of pricing I want.   I think I will move away from this kind of pricing, honestly. Why? Since I want to earn more money for my books.

One thing I *am* considering, as well, is to use different currencies for different parts of the world ( i.e Euro for Europe, Pund for UK, USD for the rest of the world). Since according to Publit I will have that flexibility in their new system. Since the political chaos is making the Swedish currency weaker, so I am earning less.

Oh, and then there is also the VATMoss mess.  Not that it matters since I, unlike UK writers, have to pay VAT quarterly. In addition to company tax.   Though I haven’t yet registered a company, since I am waiting for sales numbers from Kobo and Overdrive.