10 things I am planning to do this Christmas

I originally wrote another post, but  I deleted it since it was whiny.  So you get this instead.  Entirely random.

1,  Write. ( Yes,  I have decided to lug my laptop to my brother’s place.)

2.  Read ( I have an overflowing TBR list and my autobuy authors keep on writing new books. Which is good.)

3. Make  fudge  ( Several times. Or maybe just one big batch.)

4. Eat fudge ( probably a bit obvious)

5.  Visit Christmas Fairs.  ( Skansen! Old Town! Eksjö!)

6.   Eat a lot of food.

7. Spend time with my family

8.  Go for walks.

9. Write  Christmas rhymes.  (I hate doing that,but it is tradition.)

10.  Surprise myself with something. 🙂

That is what I am planning to do this Christmas. What are your plans?