Wrapping up 2014


When I write this, it is Early December. The air finally has a bite of winter, even if it hasn’t arrived yet. In fact, the roses were budding this weekend. Whoever says climate change isn’t happening is welcome to take a trip to my mum’s garden.

Anyway. That is not what this post is about.

It is time to look back what I have accomplished this year, and it is a lot. Even if I didn’t publish Daughter of the Dark like I had hoped, which I am sad about but when I sent to a beta reader she gave me a lot of feedback that can be summed up with ” I am confused”. And that is something I really want to avoid.

This year, can be summed up with one word:

Revising. I revised The Wild Hunt, Daughter of the Dark, A Shadow of Love, The Cauldron Bound and Exile. That, my friends, is a lot of words revised. In addition to that I also wrote Frosthold, Exile and the Cauldron Bound ( or at least a big chunk of it). So 40 000 words in the shape of drafts, and then another 30 000 words during the various revisions. Not much compared to some of my friends, but I am happy with it. Oh, and lets not forget the short stories I am writing now, so lets say another 10 000 words written.

As a result of all the revising, and the feedback I recieved from betareaders, I grew a lot as a writer during this year. It also taught me that I have to interspace the writing and revising next year, since the writing refuels me in a way that revising doesn’t, even if I like revising.

This was also the year when I took the plunge to selfpublish. I signed up for Publit, which I am glad I did, even if I made some mistakes in the beginning. But I have learned how their system works now, so I will hopefully make less mistakes next year. ( Or at least not the same ones!.)

I will admit that I considered ditching Publit for a couple of weeks, but the VATMoss mess made me change my mind. Plus, I love their support, and the fact I don’t have to deal with retailers.    But I will have to get  an ITIN or an EIN under 2015. Urgh.

So what are my plans for 2015?

The Coming soon page gives some hints, but it involves The Cauldron Bound, the Shattered Ward short stories and hopefully Daughter of the Dark ( which most likely will be a novel). Beyond that, I have no idea. And even if I had, I have learned my lessons about release dates from this year. The only reason I have a coming soon page is because The Cauldron Bound is more solid that Daughter of the Dark was. ( At least I think so, we will see what Kari says.) .

As for appearances, I am planning to go to Archipelacon ( since it is close) and hopefully Octocon in November. In betwen there are other trips being planned, of the family vacation kind. I also might go to London again. For longer than 2 days, so that I can visit Kari in Cambridge. I would also want to visit Wales and Scotland.. And everything in between. 🙂