Reconsidering Nano

It is Nov 2, and I am seriously questioning my decision to do Nano. Not because of the word count, I have written 4500 words the last 3 days ( Yay!), but because it raises my inner editor. Seriously, I have had to fight against the inner editor several times. It wants me to cut scenes. ( Which, fine, I can see its point since it is probably a bit repetitive to have them fight the same kind of creatures twice in the same scene, but not in first drafts.) It wants me to go back and rewrite things.

All of this, in turn, leads to my inner doubt demons to be really active. I am the first to admit that my first drafts are really imperfect ( which is the point. They are first drafts, after all.), but I rarely have inner doubt demons. So it is a bit weird that I have them now. Or maybe it is because I am pushing myself. Hmmm.

Actually, that makes sense. I am aiming for a high word count that I normally, do which is always a bit nervewrecking. So maybe I will keep on pushing myself. Though I doubt I will get the 1500 words I need for Nano everyday. But 1000 words Mon-Thurs and 1500 Fri-Sun, will still net me a really nice word count.  Even if it will not be enough for me to win Nano. Which is totally fine with me. I will still be on a good way to  finish the draft in Dec, which is why I am doing Nano.  (In an ideal world, I would finish it Dec 1st, but I know that things will get in between. So, I am not aiming for that.)