Slow progress is slow


Normally, I write 1000 words per day when I am not working. Not this time. This time, I am writing 500 words per day. And that is ok. Because every story is different. So stories are easy to write, the words just flow. Some stories isn’t. This stories is one of the latter. Oh, the first part was easy to write, but this part isn’t. But I am in no hurry. I should be done in July sometime or August. It all depends on how long this story is. And that is pretty much in flux. Right now the estimated wordcount in Scrivener is 18000 words, but that is Part 1 and 2. I can say that it will be longer than that. I think part 2 alone will be 15000 words. And then there are there fact that there might be a part 3…

Anyway. I have written 5000 words on part 2, and it feels right that I have another 7000-10 0000 words to go.

And yes, I am trying to not freak out over the fact that my short story is going to be a novella, if not a novel.  If it turns out to be a novel..  Well. I will think about that when I am done with the draft.