Snippet from the Cauldron Bound

I am busy editing Daughter of the Dark, but here is a short snippet from The Cauldron Bound.

Aodh stared at the grass-covered earthen wall as high as three men that was blocking the path. Why didn’t the warriors we met tell us about the wall? echoed in his mind. Maybe the warriors didn’t know about it. He considered that. Before the war there had been trade, but it had dried up, war making all the clans insular and focused on survival,  everyone assuming that the traders were acting as spies. It was possible, he decided, although judging from the yellowed grass that covered it, the wall had been here for a while.

He looked at the wall. It might be blocking the path, but there had to be a way around it. No clan, no matter how desperate, would block their only path out from the settlement.