Birthday gifts ramblings

It is my birthday soon. And I am being asked by my family what gifts I want to have. And I don’t know.  Mostly because what I want are things that my family cannot give to me. I want my contract to be renewed, my books to sell, the draft to be done, the new Laura Anne Gilman book ( out in Nov), the new Nalini Singh book ( out in Sept).

All of them are out of my hands. I cannot control my sales, or the fact that all the books I want isn’t out yet ( and most of them seem to be out either in Nov or Sept. Argh.)

But! I do have the new Aliette de Bodard novel, which will be my reward for finishing the revision.  It is the first time I hold off reading a book until I am done with revisions. And it is really hard.  I think I will give in before I reach the end of the draft, but today is the first time in ages I have done any decent progress.

If I keep up this progress, I will done in 10 days or so. Which would be really nice.

And then I will either write The Silver Hand or type in Frosthold. It depends on my mood. Probably Frosthold. I have another idea, probably short story, featuring dryads and grass elementals that I want to write, but I need to get back into the universe first. And then there is Tarre, the sequel.