Snippet from Vanished

Here, have a snippet from Vanished, which is getting close to done. Well. This round, at least.


A moment later, the door opened and Arwel stepped inside. I closed the door to the larder, and looked at him. “ Who was it?”

“A messenger from the merchant guild. They wants us to deliver a package in Gesse.”

I raised an eyebrow when he told me that. If he had told me that a bureucrat or a noble had hired us, I would just have nodded, since we received the majority of our jobs from them. But the guilds rarely hired us. They preferred to let the apprentices do the delivering. Must be something really touchy if they had decided to hire us.

“Sounds interesting, It was a long time since we visited Gesse.”

Which was true, the last time our journeys took us to Gesse was shortly after I began my apprenticeship.

Arwel grimaced. “Unfortunately, I have an important meeting in the capital, so I am going to let you handle this on your own.”

Panic fluttered inside me, but I brushed it away. It was just a test. He would probably slip into Gesse and watch from the shadows.  It wouldn’t be the first time he slipped me a test like that.