Snippet Wednesday: Cauldron Bound teaser

This is pre-edits, but I hope you enjoy it.

Moirin woke with a start, cold sweat running down her spine. She sat up and stared blindly at the dark cottage, still trapped in the vision. Her, a group of young warriors in a place that wasn’t the remote mountain valley she called home. A thread of darkness, of doom, surrended them. Moirin frowned. She wasn’t certain if the doom would be caused by her leaving her valley, or by her staying in her valley.
She shook off the last vestiges of the vision and pulled away the pelt. She briefly considered going back to bed when the cold night air hit her legs, but she dismissed the temptation. Experience had taught her that sleep eluded her after a vision. She slid out of bed, her bare feet hitting the stamped earthen floor. Shivering, she pulled on a deerskin tunic and a pair of moccasins, before walking outside.