Snippet Wednesday: Fiona and her daughter

This is a cut piece from The Shattered Ward. It is unedited, since it didnt fit the scene. I might do something with it later. Maybe not.

A tentiative knock on the door made her shook off the longing.

” Come in!”

The door opened and her youngest daughter ran inside. Fiona sighed when she saw the tear stains on her daughter’s cheeks.
” Oh honey,” she mumbled.

Her daughter buried her head agaist her shoulder and cried. Fiona hugged her and murmured soothing words.

It killed her inside that her daughter, who was wise and clever, was bullied because she was 12 years old and her gift hadn’t emerged yet. What worse was, there was nothing she could do since her daughter refused to tell her who the bullies were. When she asked the teachers, they claimed they didn’t know.

Fiona wasn’t certain how long her daughter cried. When the tears eased, her daughter wiped her chin.

” I got your dress wet.”

” I have more dresses. I am more worried about you.”
Her daughter gave her a wobbly smile.
” I know. I appreciate that you haven’t tried to find out who it was. Even if you could.”

Fiona opened her mouth, but a knock interrupted her.

She glanced toward the door and saw that Julian was standing in the door. She swallowed a sigh.

” I need to speak with Julian. Why don’t you go and do your homework?”

Her daughter nodded and hurried off. Once the girl was out of the room, Julian closed the door behind her.

” Bullies again?”

Fiona nodded.

” If you want to I can remind the teachers that many of the powerful witches are latebloomers.”

She gave him a startled look.
” That is a good idea. I will remind the dean.”

Fiona looked at him.

” I doubt that was why you wanted to see me though.”