Four things makes a post

I had a crappy week, mainly because a lot of uncertainty about my day job.  But yesterday I was told my contract will be renewed. Yay! I also got other good news.

1. I got feedback on the Cauldron Bound from Kari. She liked it. Yay! She had some good feedback, though, even if there was one moment of ” He was what?!” when I read it .  But the next round should be relatively easy. Then it is off to the eminent Laura Anne. And her edits will probably be less easy. Which is how it should be. But The Cauldron Bound is slowly moving towards a summer release. Not there yet, though. 🙂

2. There are really fun things being planned for 2016. It is still very vague, but the query arrived at the right time, and it was very nice to get asked.

3.  I  sold more copies of Exile on Ibooks. So now I have earned a whopping 15 dollar. Still waiting on the other sales, though.

4. I found some e-books by Frances and Joseph Gies on sale at Amazon for 0.99-1.99. Yeah. I snapped them up. They have a good reputation, plus they are normally 10 dollar +.  ( I prefer my non-fic in print, but some of them were out of print. Plus I like bargains 🙂 .)